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Silicon Slopes is a nonprofit organization that exists to empower Utah’s tech community to learn, connect, and serve in order to make entrepreneurship open and accessible to all.

With the influence and broad reach of our various media channels and high-profile properties, Silicon Slopes is the voice of Utah tech and business. Through an extensive network and unmatched community reputation, Silicon Slopes also organizes Utah’s most impactful, popular, and prominent tech and business events. Last but not least, Silicon Slopes is uniquely positioned to bring Utah’s tech and business community together to serve and give back through a variety of different initiatives.

Marine Layer

The Brand Used by Silicon Slopes Store

"When I die a premature death from Utah's inversion, I demand to be buried in Marine Layer - the softest cloth for bodies dead or alive."

Chris Rawle

Read The Marine Layer Story And How They Redefined Soft.

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by Marine Layer

“Every time I'm consumed by road rage with sitting in I-15 traffic, I switch into Marine Layer clothing to remember the world can be a soft and warm place."

Nairne Farner

"Man, is there anything better than a zip-hoodie? No really? Is there? I can’t think of anything better than a zip-hoodie. The laugh of a child? No way. A reunion with a loved one after spending years apart? Not even close. Truffle season in Tuscany? Don’t make me laugh. No, there is truly nothing better than a zip-hoodie, and there is no better zip-hoodie than the Silicon Slopes Women’s Zip-Hoodie."

Karen Wilcox

"The Silicon Slopes Women’s Sherpa Crew saved my life, when, upon nearing the Himalayan Manaslu summit, I began to lose all feeling in my appendages and my vision narrowed to just a single dot on the horizon. I collapsed to the snow-covered ground lay motionless as the light from that single dot began to dim, and I heard the muffled voices of my fellow hikers,....

Meg Walter though I were underwater or in a separate room. “Grab the Silicon Slopes Women’s Sherpa Crew!” our guide Stan cried, and when the team retrieved the Silicon Slopes Women’s Sherpa Crew from my pack and placed in on my torso, the numbness dissipated, my vision returned, and I hopped up and raced to the peak in record time. Thanks, Silicon Slopes Women’s Sherpa Crew!"

...still Meg